UV Sensor And Amplifiers in Mumbai

UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier

Detecting UV radiations through UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier

Linear Systems is an accomplished firm based in Mumbai who has gained years of experience in the production of top quality UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier. It features an Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) sensors which are integrated into a single framework. They are used in a diverse range of applications like industrial heating and drying systems, petrochemical oil and gas factories, gas turbines and similar hazardous environments.

UV/IR sensors are highly sensitive to UV as well as IR wavelengths. It often tracks flame through comparing threshold signals of various ranges thereby reducing false alarms. It is indeed one of the best tools to track flames and it can be purchased online.

How does a UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier work?

UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier is one of the reliable tools that help in detecting an unnecessary flame especially outdoors within a matter of time. The response time of this particular equipment is fast when compared to a heat or smoke detector. It operates through tracking the UV radiation discharged by a flame and is highly sensitive to a range of flammable fuels such as sulfur, hydrazine, ammonia, and hydrocarbons.

IR sensors can track an infrared emission that is exuded by hydrocarbon fuel ranging from 4.3 to 4.4 microns. The energy which is released into the atmosphere as a result of burning Co2 enables the IR sensor to track the flame. The process is executed at a frequency resonance of 4.3 microns.

What are the major advantages of an integrated UV and IR sensors?

One of the primary benefits of blending UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier in a single apparatus is that they would share similar alarm source which is the actual hydrocarbon fire. Even though the functions of the sensor in a different manner, including highly advanced signal processing algorithms, would enable sensors to offer a remarkable flame detecting performance. It is highly sensitive to flammable liquids, volatile solids, and gaseous substances. In addition to it, each sensor can offer maximized false alarm rejection.

What are the major reasons behind picking an infrared flame detector?

  • Flame detector shares similar features to that of a video camera. It would constantly keep an eye for potential dangers associated with combustible raw material and finished products. It is considered as an alternative source to track any issues instead of placing a watchman.
  • UV Flame Sensor and Amplifier have a remarkable response time and sensitive to flammable liquids, solids, etc. However, one of the concerns concerning this particular device is that thick smoke and foreign elements hamper the sources of UV light. This type of sensor is best suited for detecting petroleum fires, hydrocarbon fires and hydrogen based product fires.

Integrated UV/IR detectors will be helpful in eliminating false alarms owing to various types of infrared sources like thick smoke. It can be utilized for indoor and outdoor purposes as it has the potential to track ammonia, metals and hydrocarbons.


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