UV Flame Relays

UV Flame Relays

Important tips to remember while choosing UV Flame Relays

The UV flame relay is amongst the major components of the burner management system. Considering its functionality, these UV Flame amplifiers or relays are used along with sensors to detect the different types of flames. These flames can be gas, oil and coal-fired burner flames in furnaces as well as in boilers. Another important thing about the UV flame relay is that its performance depends on the proper installation flame detector

So, if you are looking for UV flame relays for any industrial application, don’t forget to consider some important aspects:

Check the tips that you need to remember while choosing relays:

Want to purchase high-performance relays or amplifiers? You must remember some crucial factors while choosing the UV Flame Relays such as:

  • The first important thing is having clarity about your requirement. After deciding your need, you can choose a relay that works well with different types of sensors.
  • Make sure that you focus on response time and it is also important to check the range of the flame detectors.
  • The relay should have immunity from false alarms which come up from non-fire sources.
  • You must ideally choose relays that have a wide field of view and must operate on a wide range of temperatures and you also have to keep in mind flare and flare reflections when you are choosing the detectors.

Checklist of must-to-do things before starting the UV Flame detector system:

Before starting the UV flame detector system, you have to check various things. Start from the scratch;

  • First of all, take care about the overload protection
  • Next, check the connections and then check whether the flame detector you are going to use is suitable for the UV flame relay or not.
  • Check the installation.
  • Also, check the burner, and oil pipes.
  • Afterward, check the mains voltage

Now, your UV Flame detector system is ready to start.

Wondering where to choose the best flame relays

There are several renowned companies involved in manufacturing and supplying UV flame relays for different industrial applications. So, you have to go through various aspects before choosing the perfect one to buy UV flame relays. There is one such company from which you can get only quality tested array of flame relays and that is Linear Systems. The company is acknowledged for providing the best quality products highly useful in multi-burner control for the past 3 decades.


Wrap Up:

Flame relays are used for the detection of UV rays emitted by the combustion flames and hence can be used for various industrial purposes. The UV relays offered by Linear Systems work very well not just with sensors from Linear Systems but with the sensors of different companies. Only you need to check the rating of the UV relay. If you want to purchase the UV Flame Relays, you can get them from the online portal of Linear Systems at the industry-leading price.