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Understanding the basics of photocell

Understanding the basics of photocell

One of the important parts of an oil boiler is a photocell. This component has a vital function and if it is not working properly then the burner may shut down randomly. The photocell does the function of monitoring the combustion flame and is a very vital safety device. Keen to know some more details about photocells? Then you are in the right place as here you can get an insight into the basics of a photocell.

So, what exactly is a photocell in a burner?

Photocell is a type of sensor and it is mainly used in commercial oil burners. One important point to be noted here is that these industrial oil burners need a very sensitive sensor and photocell is one such reliable sensor.

For the application of photocells, certain rules have to be applied and they are as follows:

  • The flame lead must have a proper lead wire and it is also important that the photocell gets a proper view of the flame.
  • The required temperature of the photocell has to be maintained
  • It is also very important to protect the photocell from the light that the hot refractory is emitting.

Keen to know the working of an oil boiler photocell?

During the start-up process, the photocell first checks and confirms that there is no stray light coming from the flame in the chamber. Only after this factor is confirmed the PCB allows the system to begin the start-up phase and only after that the ignition will take place. Once the ignition happens then the photocell of the boiler photocell ensures that it continues to remain lit. The burner cannot get additional fuel once the signal of the PCB stops.

The importance of photocell servicing and replacement periodically:

Any deposits on the photocell can result in the glazing of the photocell and it can even burn out. Due to this, the ignition may not happen at all or the boiler may not remain lit. If the fan is running continuously but there is no ignition then even this indicates a problem with the photocell.

If there is a problem with the photocell then there are chances that the burner may switch on and off frequently. In this case, the water in the boiler will heat but there will be more fuel consumption and your bills will keep mounting.

You surely do not want to face such issues and you do not want to shell out more money. In that case, make sure that you get the servicing of the photocell done regularly. Also as and when needed make sure that you replace the photocell as it will help you save a lot of money.

Make sure that you choose the right photocell from the right company:

One needs to choose the photocell depending on the model of the boiler and for this one needs to check different aspects. Make sure that you take expert advice and choose the right photocell from a reputed company like Linear Systems.