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Photocell Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Flame sensors are integral to many Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications. They specialize in detecting the ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by various flames. The sensors relay this information to the control system, prompting it to cut off the fuel supply. Flame sensors have been used widely across combustion systems such as furnaces and boilers.

Types of Flame Sensors

Several types of flame sensors are available in the market, including flame rod sensors, photocells, and UV sensors. Flame rod sensors are the most common type of flame sensor and are used in many industrial applications. They create a small electrical current between the flame rod and the burner. When a flame is present, the current flows and the control system detects the flame.

Flame Rods for Gas Flame

The flame rod for the Flame Rods for Gas Flame is a specialized flame sensor designed to detect flames in gas-fired appliances or systems. Flame rods can detect low-voltage signals typically used in the combustion of natural gas by Boilies, Furnaces, and Ovens. This type of sensor is similar to traditional flame detector models but has enhanced sensitivity and Capabilities designed specifically for gas applications.

Flame Sensors in Industrial Applications

Flame sensors are commonly utilized in industrial settings, particularly those that involve oil and Gas, Chemicals, and Power generation. To maximize the operational safety and Efficiency of combustion systems, these sensors detect flames in boilers and furnaces – In oil refineries, for example. Doing so allows operators to prevent unforeseen explosions or other hazardous occurrences.