Burner Sequence Controllers

Overview of Burner Sequence Controllers

When we talk about the automatic start-up of the gas burners then there is one important thing that we have to consider and that is Burner Sequence Controllers. Let us explore important aspects like what are these controllers and the applications of these burner controllers.

Understanding the meaning of Burner Sequence Controller:

The burner controllers are devices that are used for the automatic start-up of the burners and they are also widely used in flame monitoring. These controllers are usually found in chimneys, furnaces, and ovens.

This burner controller not only ensures the safe start-up of the burner but also makes sure that the operation of the burner takes place smoothly and the shutdown also happens without any issues.

The important features of Burner Sequence Controllers that you cannot miss:

  • The burner controller has to be easy to use and there must be no complicated procedures for operating these burners.
  • It is also important that you choose Burner Sequence Controllers that are robust and have a sturdy design so that the controller has a long life.
  • The burner controllers need to have high efficiency and they must have very good performance.
  • Keep in mind that these controllers are an important part of burner management systems and they provide complete control in a single module.
  • These burner controllers help in saving floor space in non-integrated systems.

Take a look at the applications of these burner controllers:

  • This part of the burner management system requires time-based controlling and real-time controlling.
  • Moreover, they are also used in the case of systems where time control is required with respect to certain critical conditions.
  • It starts the working procedure only in suitable condition
  • Electronically controls the gas burner. If the operation fails due to any reason, it stops automatically.

Major uses of Burner Sequence Controller:

Burner Sequence Controller is a highly useful device that is acclaimed for its excellent features:

  • It is highly efficient and hence its working procedure is completely automated.
  • It consistently monitors the presence of flame and controls the valve operation
  • It uses detectors for the supervision of the UV flame, and blue flame sensors for the monitoring of blue flame. Also, it uses photo resistive photocells to monitor the yellow-colored flame.
  • Excellent device to work in high-temperature, etc.

Where to find the robust Burner Sequence Controller?

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