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A device, which stimulates high-voltage spark thereby triggering ignition. Ignition transformers are often referred to as step-up transformers that are meant to increase the voltage to nearly five thousand volts to bridge the gap towards the end of the ignition electrode.

Electrical connections and secondary terminals present in the ignition transformers should be kept clean and tight. If the secondary terminals are accumulated with dust and debris, it would instantly lead to short-circuit and damage the device. Proper handling and maintenance of transformer would trigger a spark in the ignition electrode.

What is meant by the term ‘Magneto Ignition System’?

Magneto Ignition System is a distinctive device that is capable of maximizing energy in the field of the automobile industry. Magneto Ignition System replaces each component excluding spark plugs included in the battery ignition system.

Operations of Magento Ignition System

  • Magneto Ignition System is designed for small engines. These are categorized based on switching device used to manage current.
  • Magneto Ignition System is a tiny electric generator that is powered by electricity. It produces a very high voltage when it is rotated by the engine.

Magneto comprises of three rotating types which are discussed below:

  1. Armature rotating type:-

In this rotating type, armature begins to rotate between stationary magnets.

  • Magnet rotating type:-

Armature remains intact while the magnet rotates between stationary magnets.

  • Polar Inductor type:

It is a rotating type in which magnet and windings stay in a static position, however, voltage is triggered through reversing flux field. This is possible only by using inductors.


Capacitors are standard electrical equipment wherein tow metal plates are separated using insulating materials. For instance, insulated materials like air are used ,however, superior quality insulating materials are incorporated for technical requirements.

Features and Benefits of ignition transformers

  • Electronic and inductive types are the two major ignition transformers. The former one involves infusion of vacuum to maximize top-rated insulation. They are considered to be compact and convenient to handle when compared to typical inductive transformers.
  • On the other hand, Inductive transformers are conventional electro-mechanic transformers which can be customized to meet requirements of varying applications such a gas and oil burners.
  • The main purpose behind using ignition transformers is to amplify voltage demanded by ignition electrodes.

Contemporary Ignition Systems

Today, majority of contemporary ignition transformers systems are operated with the help of an ignition switch. The core of the system is a distributor that consists of a rotating cam. In-addition, it comprises of breaker points, distributor cap, condenser as well as a rotor. These devices are propelled by the lead-acid battery. Dynamos are often used to charge a vehicle’s electrical system.

Linear Integrated Systems is one of the reliable companies that produce top-quality ignition transformers considering the latest industry standards. The company is specialized in the design and development of ignition transformers and takes advantage of patented as well as ownership processes to develop top quality semiconductors.


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