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Ignition Transformers

Industrial Applications of Ignition Transformers

Before knowing about the ignition transformer, first of all, let us know about the transformer. A transformer is an electronic device that is used to increase or decrease the alternating voltage in the application having electric power. It is designed to transfer the electrical energy among multiple circuits.

Types of transformer:
There are various types of transformers that are given below:

  • Step-up transformer: This type of transformer is generally used to transform a low voltage into a high voltage.
  • Step down transformer: This type of transformer is used to convert a high voltage into a low voltage.
  • Distribution transformer: This type of transformers are used in the distribution network to deliver the transformation of the voltage in the power system by stepping down the level of voltage.
  • Power transformer: This type of transformer is used in the transmission networks of the higher voltages.
  • Instrument transformer: This type of transformer is used to transform the level of voltage as well as current.
  • Current transformer: This type of transformer is used to convert the high current into its desired value.
  • Single-phase transformer: This type of transformer works on the principle of faraday’s law of mutual induction.
  • Three-phase transformer: In this type of transformer, the three single-phase transformers are connected with each other acting as a three-phase transformer.

An ignition transformer is a device that is used to stimulate high-voltage spark. It is also known as a step-up transformer, therefore, it is designed to increase the voltage. In this transformer, the secondary terminals and the electrical connections are present that should be kept clean and tight to prevent the damage of the device because the dust accumulated device will instantly lead to short-circuit.

Basically, the ignition transformer is used to create a spark so that the flame will get ignite. There are two types of ignition transformers that generate a low current and high voltage spark.

Features of ignition transformer:
There are various features of ignition transformers. Some of them are given below:

  • There are two major ignition transformers that are electronic and inductive.
  • The electronic ignition transformers involve the infusion of the vacuum and are considered to be convenient to handle.
  • The inductive ignition transformers can be customized to meet the needs of application including oil and gas burners.
  • The ignition transformer is mainly used to amplify the voltage that is demanded by electrodes of ignition.

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