Flame Sensor

Flames Sensor

A Brief Study about Flames Sensor

A sensor is a device that senses the changes that occur in the near environment. The Flames Sensor detects and responds to the event of a fire or a flame. The flame sensor is most sensitive to the normal light conditions and thus, these can be used for various applications like in the fire alarms, fire fighting robots, etc.

The sensor has the capability of sensing and detecting the wavelength from the light source in the range of 760 nm to 1100 nm. As the high temperature can damage the sensor, so must install or place the temperature at a certain distance from the flame. At the detection angle of 600, the flame can be detected from the distance of even 100 cm.

Industrial application of the flame sensor

The working range of the flames sensor / detector is dependent on the fitting of the flame sensor. The apparatus consists of the alarm system, a fire suppression system, and a natural gas line. With a wide range of industrial applications, these can be used in the industrial boilers, fire alarm systems, and the fire fighting robots. These work more precisely and accurately as compared to the heat and smoke detectors. The other areas of the industrial application include the:

  • Drying systems
  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Domestic heating systems
  • Gas-powered cooking devices
  • Hydrogen stations
  • Industrial heating
  • Fire detection

How does a flame sensor work?

A flame sensor can be easily integrated into an electronic system by using a receiver like electromagnetic radiation. This sensor could easily work even through the coating of oil, dust, water vapor and other climatic conditions as this uses the infrared flame flash method.

Type of flame sensors

There are 4 basic types of flames sensors:

  • IR single frequency
  • IR multi-spectrum
  • UV flame detectors
  • UV/ IR flame detectors

With so much of industrial applications and the precise working, the demand for the flame sensors is increasing every day. Linear Systems is a technocrat based firm that is well known for manufacturing the burner controllers for the boilers and the furnaces. The firm has interminably moved forward for the work in the field of flame monitoring in the process industry. The views and the beliefs of the firm are quite simple and straightforward including the:

  • Premium quality products
  • Delivery on time
  • Customer satisfaction
  • The services after-sales.

The company believes in delivering the best quality product in the minimum time possible. The areas and fields of manufacturing include the:

  • Oil/gas burner controller
  • Flame sensors/amplifier
  • Modulating controller
  • Amps controller
  • Inquiries for the sequence controllers

 Why choose linear systems India?

With a lot of options and alternatives available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the service provider. Linear systems India are a well-established firm that is known for the top quality services that it provides to its customers. Customer satisfaction is the motto that has made us reach the sky of success in the present times and thus regarded as one of the premium organizations for the manufacturing of Flames Sensor.


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