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Linear Systems: Specialized in production of semi-conductor devices

Linear Integrated Systems is a
popular industrial company who has been actively involved in manufacture of
semi-conductor devices for the past thirty years. They have also gained expertise
in designing JFET (Junction gate field-effect transistor). Linear Systems has
proven track record of management in several segments such as discovery of
intersil and Micro Power Systems.


Linear Integrated Systems are also
dealing with services associated with Sensor, Space, Medical, DIY, Hybrid,
Space, Test and Measurement markets. Ever since its inception in the year 1987,
they have been focusing on producing top quality semi-conductors that is best
in the industry. Design and fabrication of devices are carried out at one of
their factories located at Silicon Valley in California.

What is meant by term ‘Flame’?

The swift ignition of hydrocarbon
flame exudes carbon oxide along with water. There are chances of a sharp
increase in the Ultra Violet radiation i.e. 200 NM.

Flame Sensor

Linear Integrated Systems are specialized in the manufacture of Flame Sensors. It is a type of sensor that is exclusively meant to track and respond to fire. Responses are purely based on the installation; however, it triggers an alarm and deactivation of fuel lines. Fire suppression systems are automatically activated upon installation. Flame Sensors are used in diverse range of applications including industrial furnace. Its ultimate purpose is to make sure that the furnace is working in effective manner. One of the advantages of Flame sensors it responds quickly when compared to heat detecting devices.

What is meant by Optical Flame

Ultra Violet Detectors functions
via locating Ultra Violet Radiation upon turning on ignition. It has the
capacity to track down fires as well as explosion within just few seconds.
However, there is a slight delay involved to reduce false alarms. They are
activated through various Ultra Violet sources like radiation, sunlight, arc
welding and lightning.

Ultra Violet Detectors normally
functions at an estimated wavelength of about three hundred NM (nanometer). It
is primarily meant to lower the drastic impact of background radiation.

Flame detection is depended upon several
properties such as smoke emission, optical radiation emission and increase in
temperature. Ultra Violet Flame Detection is regarded as one of the reliable
means to track fire in outdoor premises.


Sensors placed within the device
are phototube, which contains anode and cathode. They are properly sealed and
infused with inert gases. This would trigger photons and strikes the cathode
freeing up electrons and proceed towards anode. Electrons ionize gas molecules
present in the bulb. It activates an output signal within voltage pulse.

Uses of UV flame detectors

UV flame detectors are designed for
inflammable liquids such as hydrocarbon fires. They are also used to track
ammonia, hydrogen and metal fires. It is one of the sought-after devices since
their response time is quick. Besides that, its sensitivity could even touch
Pico watt/cm cube. Nevertheless, its sensitivity could be hampered by external
factors like organic compounds and oil films.


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