Burner Controller

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Understanding the basics of photocell

Understanding the basics of photocell One of the important parts of an oil boiler is a photocell. This component has a vital function and if it is not working properly then the burner may shut down randomly. The photocell does the function of monitoring the combustion flame and is a very vital safety device. Keen […]

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27 Jan
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flame Switches
Burner Sequence Controller

Avail Burner Sequence Controller for Monitoring the Flame Presence A Burner Sequence Controller is designed to control and monitor the big-size burner system. The device automatically start-up the gas burners and monitor the flame in the chimneys, ovens, gas-fired furnace, etc. It is made with advanced technology following interlocking and sequential logic. Let’s start the […]

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25 Jan
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Burner Sequence Controllers
Reduce the risk of explosion using burner controllers

A Burner Controller is a highly efficient device that is exclusively designed for batch operations. It is a piece of security equipment that is capable of managing ignition, keeping track of flame, and cutting off fuel to properly balance oil and gas burners. We, at Linear Systems, are specialized in designing Burner Controllers for furnaces […]

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6 Aug
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Burner Sequence Controller in Mumbai
Burner controller

Industrial Applications of Burner controller The burners are controlled with the grouping of a burner management system and a combustion control system. The burner controller is used to handle the ignition, monitoring the flame, and cutoff of fuel for the proportionally controlled oil or gas burners. Features of a Burner Controller: A burner controller is […]

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28 Dec
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Burner Controller Manufacturer in Mumbai
Burner Parts Manufacturer In India

A gas burner is a device that is used for mixing a gaseous fuel with oxygen and feeding this mixture to an outlet where it gets ignited and forms a stable combustion front. The invention of the gas burner increased the use of gas sharply. The fuel gases which were initially used for lighting street […]

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19 Oct
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Burner Sequence Controllers
Burner Controllers

Linear Systems India are one of the largest manufacturers of Burner Controllers, whom you should consider once.

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6 Jun
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