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Burner Sequence Controller

Avail Burner Sequence Controller for Monitoring the Flame Presence

A Burner Sequence Controller is designed to control and monitor the big-size burner system. The device automatically start-up the gas burners and monitor the flame in the chimneys, ovens, gas-fired furnace, etc. It is made with advanced technology following interlocking and sequential logic.

Let’s start the journey of Burner Sequence Controller with its amazing features.

Notable Features of Burner Sequence Controller:

Burner Sequence Controller is widely appreciated for its exceptional features consisting of:

  • High efficiency
  • Easy usage
  • Simple to operate
  • Fully integrated
  • Precise Sensitive Controls, etc.

Reasons to Prefer Burner Sequence Controller:

  • Start-up the process only in favorable condition
  • Responsible for monitoring the presence of flame
  • Electronically controls the gas burner and stops automatically when the operation fails.

There is a long list of companies associated with the manufacturing of Burner Sequence Controller. Linear Systems India is amongst one such name indulged in designing technologically advanced products such as burner controllers, boilers, flame sensors, etc.  The company designed the Burner Sequence Controller in varied specifications from which you can choose your desired product according to the need of the application.

  • Gas Fired Burners / Furnaces with UV flame sensing
  • Oil fired Burners/ Boilers

The Oil fired Burners/ Boilers are available in standard models suitable for IAEC make boilers, Nestler Boilers, etc. These boilers have an inbuilt UV amplifier, Damper, Blower or Ignition terminals. On the other hand, the Gas fired Burner / Furnaces with Flame Rod sensing are categorized in two forms i.e. “with pilot” and “without pilot”.

Uses of Burner Sequence Controller

Due to the presence of unique features, these devices are proved highly useful.  A few of the main usage of burner sequence controller are described below:

  • These devices are programmed for better and automatic working.
  • It helps in monitoring the flame consistently
  • It controls the valve operation
  • Helps in the supervision of gas and oil burners in failure operation
  • It uses blue flame sensors to monitor the blue flame, detectors to supervise the UV flame, and photo resistive photocells for yellow flames.
  • As it is fully integrated, it requires less space
  • Widely used in high-temperature applications, etc.

Linear Systems India is a leading company involved in the production of premium grade Burner Sequence Controller. All products manufactured at their end are tested by quality experts on various parameters such as durability, quality, efficiency, etc. before getting dispatched. The entire procedure starts from choosing the right material for product development to its quality test; each process is done under the supervision of an expert panel. So, there is a negligible chance of getting a defective product from their end. This is one of the most prior reasons behind choosing Linear Systems India for availing a standard model of Burner Sequence Controller.

From their online store, you can avail an efficient and reliable range of products at a reasonable price.  For further assistance or any query related to the products, open the website https://linearsystemsindia.com/ and contact their internal team.