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Linear Systems India is an accomplished corporate entity that deals with the production of top quality burner parts through innovative means of technology. Burners are mechanical devices that ignite the gas in a subdued manner. Gas burners are an integral part of our daily life; however, it is a bit complicated in picking the right one that suits the household. Today, homeowners have plenty of options to choose from. It has gained immense popularity amongst the public due to the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Convenient to use and maintain:-

Gas burner parts are extremely easy to maintain. The time taken to activate the device is very fast. It does not require frequent cleaning when compared to pallet and wood stoves. Users are supposed to thoroughly cleanse each side of a burner soon after usage. This will be helpful to preserve its pristine condition.

  • Easy to adjust the heat temperature:-

All you need to do is to adjust the knob to change heat temperature in a controlled and precise manner. It is far more reliable than that of an electric stove. Today, the majority of the electric stoves available at the market feature only low, medium and high-temperature settings making it extremely difficult to cook food items.

  • Low operational cost:-

Gas burners are powered by propane gas instead of relying on electricity to generate fire. Gas often lasts for a longer duration based on the usage of burners. The replacement of burner parts is also low. On the other hand, electric and pellet stoves depend upon electricity to produce fire and it involves a higher operational cost.

  • As the gas burner does not require electricity, it can be operated amidst unscheduled power cuts
  • The optimal safety of a gas burner is essential to prevent unnecessary gas leakages and potential fire hazards. Therefore, users have to pay close attention to the burner parts and make sure there are no flaws.
  • Gas burner requires ample storage space and is heavier in terms of size. Most of them are not portable versions especially the ones that are powered by electricity.

How does a gas burner work?

A gas stove burner features a burner assemble that is interlinked to a tiny gas valve and the primary gas line. As soon as the knob is turned on, the intake valve slowly opens up while the gas passes through the venturi tube. The pressure would gradually escalate when the gas seeps through various ends. The pipe would begin to expand and the pressure is discharged by absorbing the oxygen. The integration of oxygen and gas would pass through the burner parts.

The burner is a hollow metal disk containing puncture holes. The electric pilot affixed on either side would trigger a flame or spark to activate the integrated oxygen-gas while passing through the holes in the burner. The flow of gas and air can be increased by turning the knob to maximum heat settings and flame size increases.


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