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How to Choose a Good Boiler Burner?

When it comes to combustion system design, boiler burners are the main element which includes furnace design, combustion control, air-fuel preparation, etc.Good burner controllers can further enhance the performance of the machine Let’s take a look at the features of some of the good burners.

Features of Great Burner Controllers:

They create a low level of noise

They have a longer lifetime

They have good security of operation

They create comparatively less pollution

How to select a good burner?

1) Figure out Your Burner Controllers Ratings

Check out the Burner Controllers capacity or burner ratings of specific models. You will find a range, just ensure that the BTUs required for your application fall in that range.

2) Figure out Your Turndown

In simple words, Turndown is the sign of the burner competence to deal with various load sizes. It’s the ratio in the form of, maximum capacity: minimum capacity. Try to make sure that the burner turndown is equal or more than the turndown required for your process.

3) Find out Flame Geometry For Your Chamber

Whenever you head to the market to choose from the variety of burner, ensure that the machine has proper flame geometry that fits with your chosen chamber. Just take an example, the longer a flame, the more high chances of flame impingement on tubes which can lead to tube heating, ending up with rupture.

4) Review Other Process Details

Each and every process is different, thus it’s very much essential to account the details in the right manner. You should consider details like the temperature required for the burner to operate, a need for an indirect fire method, choose from direct spark system or pilot. An important detail can figure out many decisions.

5) Don’t Ignore Mounting

An aspect that we have commonly seen people overlooking is mounting. There are mainly two types of mounting and they are wall-mount and in-duct burners. Induct burners are locked in the duct, making them hard to access. Our Burner Controllers can handle well the cross-velocity issues associated with wall-mounted burners. On the other side, wall-mount is open and they can be easily be accessed and maintained.

7) Don’t Forget Efficiency

At the end of the day, the things in which you are investing, it should bring out at least a certain level of efficiency. The burner should very well be able to maintain energy efficiency and not indulge in producing much waste heat.

Summary of Burner Controllers:

If you want to avoid downtime and irrelevant costs then the correct burner choice must be made. Burner Controllers should also be a part of your plan as they can further help in getting your processes done smoother and efficiently. The above listed tips are exclusive which you may not find in every other manual out there!

Linear Systems India are one of the largest manufacturers of Burner Controllers, whom you should consider once. If you have any more efficient tips to choose a good burner, then comment in the box below.

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