Burner Sequence Controller in Mumbai

Burner controller

Industrial Applications of Burner controller

The burners are controlled with the grouping of a burner management system and a combustion control system. The burner controller is used to handle the ignition, monitoring the flame, and cutoff of fuel for the proportionally controlled oil or gas burners.

Features of a Burner Controller:

A burner controller is used to manage the ignition and the flame of the gas burners. It is mainly a safety device that should be used for preventing the chances of accidents that could occur because of the gas burners. Its use is very important and convenient as it prevents major mishaps that may cause serious damage to both life and property. There are various features of the burner controller. Some of them are given below:

  • Safe: The burner controller is safe to use as it can control and regulate the gas supply.
  • Easy to understand: The operating state of the burner controller can be ascertained at a glance. Operating a gas burner is a quite easier task as you do not have to implement any manual operations. You can find the detailed steps in the user manual as well.
  • Easy to view: The display of the burner controllers gives the information about the combustion alarm and sequence can be seen on the main panel.
  • Easy to use: The adjustment of the burner is easy to do in the mode of trial operation. You can easily operate a gas burner controller using the adjustment knobs for different parameters.

There are mainly two types of burners that are used in the industry, which are Oil Fired Burners and Gas Fired Burners. They have their own USP’s and people prefer based on their requirements and budget.

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Unique Features of Our Organization –

  • All Products have a proper warranty period.
  • The facility of Local and Remote resetting.
  • Advanced enclosures with attractive looks.
  • LED indicators present on all the systems.

One of the major reasons behind our success is our after-sales service, which makes us very popular among our customers and clients spread all across the nation. Our burner controllers are present in more than 50 cities of India and you can find them at local vendors and shop owners. If you have any doubts regarding any of the products, then you may contact our support team. They will help you and guide you about the specifications and how to use them properly to utilize them.


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