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A flame rod amplifier is one of the most essential parts of a furnace that is designed in order to sense a weak DC signal from the AC power that is sent to the ignitor. The basic use of this amplifier is to sense the current across a flame to ground. The amount of current is measured in microamps. It works to regulate the flow of gas coming into your furnace. If the gas burners do not light, then it automatically shuts down the unit in order to prevent the gas build up and gas poisoning.

The flame rod amplifier must be kept clean or without oxides, because if it is not kept clean, then the signal will be degraded and if the microamps fall to less as compared to the allowed set in the processor, then, in that case, the flame failure happens. Due to the fall of micro amps, a hard lockout will also occur and there will be the occurrence of low gas pressure. Thus, it must be kept clean.

The product provided by us senses the flame with the help of a special technique that is known as flame detection rectification technique. In order to sense, the flame electrode is immersed in flame and the sensor fitted in this product senses the burning flame only and completely insensitive to the visible light and refractory glows.

There are lots of benefits of flame rod amplifier among which some of them are mentioned below:

  • The flame rod amplifier is blended in a single apparatus due to which they share a similar alarm source. This sharing of a similar alarm source is the actual hydrocarbon fire.
  • This product has a remarkable response time.
  • They are sensitive to flammable liquids, solids, and various others.
  • It is one of the reliable tools that help in detecting the unnecessary flame.
  • It can detect the flame within a matter of time.
  • The response time of this device is very fast and efficient.

This device has got the best raw materials that are used by keeping the standards of the industry in the mind of our manufacturers.

Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The technique utilized by this device is the flame detection rectification technique.
  • As we have studied above that it senses burning flame only due to which you have no need to worry about the glows or visible light.
  • The process to start this device is very easy.
  • The device provided by us has a good warranty period.

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