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Flames Sensor

Flame Sensor or detector is a type of sensor that is specially designed for the detection and response to the presence of flame. Simply, it is a sensor that is most sensitive to normal light. Flames Sensor permits flame detection. It uses highly-advanced mechanisms that assist in responding faster, more accurately, and precisely when compared to smoke or heat detector. Flame Sensor works by detecting the presence of a flame that is within the furnace. It detects the presence of heat from the flame when the gas valve opens to begin the combustion process and the sensor sent out a current.

Some types of flame detectors that are currently available:

  • Infrared (IR)
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • The combination of UV and IR

Infrared detects have been available for many years now. In recent times, the technology has developed to a large extent, became stable, and permitted accurate detection to take place. The Flame sensor is generally used in flame alarms. It has a characteristic that assists in the detection of the flame that is in the wavelength which ranges between 760 nm to 1100 nm from the light source. One must take care of the flame sensor at high temperatures because it can be easily damaged at high temperatures. The sensor should be placed from some distance from the flame such as 100cm. it gives the result or the output in the form of an analog signal or a digital signal.

Industrial Applications of Flame Sensors

These sensors are generally used in fire-fighting robots like a flame alarm and industrial boilers. In industrial boilers, the flame sensor gives authentication that the boiler is working properly or not. The response depends on its fitting. This sensor is inclusive of an alarm system, a natural gas line, propane and a fire suppression system. Flames sensors can be built with the assistance of electronic circuits by using a receiver such as electromagnetic radiation. The sensor utilizes the infrared flame flash method that permits the sensor to work through a coating of oil, dust, water vapor, etc. While buying this flame sensor, there is a requirement of an authentic seller that provides high-quality products.

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